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Tunbridge Wells Tournament update - finals day!

10 August 2018 at 23:00:00

Tunbridge Wells Tournament update - finals day!

It has been a fantastic week of bowls at the Tunbridge Wells Tournament, with some outstanding play, and an excellent atmosphere. The two hosting clubs, Culverden and the Grove, have done a wonderful job of catering and welcoming competitors and spectators. There have been a lot of volunteers working hard in kitchens, preparing greens, marking and umpiring, and despite a couple of tricky days blighted by heavy rain, it has all gone pretty smoothly!

Speaking of smoothly...Grosvenor's Graham Bridges has had another remarkable week, reaching the final of the singles competition and the triples competition, with an in-form Steve Jenner and a skilled lead, Stuart Moaby. Unfortunately, Stuart is unavailable for the final, so Mike Smithers will be taking his place. Good luck to all of them!

We also enjoyed an all-Grosvenor quarter final in the triples competition, with Stuart Moaby, Steve Jenner, and Graham Bridges eventually getting the better of Simon Watson, Lionel Hanmore, and Norman Barton. The match watch played in traditional Grosvenor spirit - competitive but fun with plenty of loud support!

Stuart and Graham also reached the semi-final of the pairs competition, just being edged out by the experienced Grove pairing of Mick Milgate and Brian Grundy who handled the difficult, wet conditions superbly.

Simon Watson and Norman Barton also played well in the pairs competition, but missed out on a quarter-final spot when they came up against the father and son team of Brian and Brad Chalklin. The Chalklins play in the pairs final against Mick Milgate and Brian Grundy later today.

Finals at The Grove, Saturday 11th August, starting 2.30pm

Finals schedule:

2.30pm Singles - G Bridges (Grosvenor) vs D McCathie (Southend)

2.30pm Pairs - B Chalklin & B Chalklin (Tonbridge) vs B Grundy & M Milgate (Grove)

5pm (ish) Triples - G Bridges, S Jenner & M Smithers (Grosvenor) vs D Hanmore, G Standley & K Bateup (Tonbridge)

Please come along to support if you can! And please send any photos you take to our email address, or post them on our Facebook page!

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