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  • Bowls - isn't it just for old people?!
    Bowls is one of the few sports that can be played equally by all ages and genders, and the only deciding factor is skill! You might be surprised at the broad range of ages and people you will meet on the bowling green. (Incidentally, the current ladies singles champion in England is 23 years old, and the current men's singles champion in England is 26 years old!)
  • How do you play bowls?
    Bowls is a very sociable sport played individually or in teams on a large, flat, grass or artificial surface known as a green. The green is divided up into long narrow strips called rinks. The aim is to deliver your bowl(also known as a wood) from the mat at one end of the rinkand get it to stop nearest to the (the small white or yellow ball). The more bowls you have closer to the jack than your opponent's nearest bowl, the more points you score. The team with the most points after a certain number of ends is the winner. (An end is the period of play when teams deliver all their bowls from one end of the rink to the other.) All bowls have a bias on them, which is what makes them bend, and the way you hold them in your hand determines in which direction they bend. Sounds simple? Do you think you could get your
  • I'd like to have a go. When can I try and what do I need to play bowls?
    We have a regular practice night on Wednesday evenings between 6pm and 8pm which is an ideal time for you to come along for a taster session. If you can't make that day and time, get in touch and we'll find a suitable time for you to try your hand! If you're just starting out, you only need flat-soled shoes (trainers are fine). We will provide all the other equipment. Grosvenor has plenty of spare sets of bowls for new players to try.
  • I've never played before. Do I have to have experience?
    Absolutely not! We welcome everyone from novices to experienced bowlers. We will be glad to show you the ropes - just come along to one of our practice sessions on Wednesday evenings between 6pm and 8pm wearing flat-soled shoes. Or if you can't make our regular practice night, get in contact and we can arrange a time to suit you.
  • How much does it cost?
    It costs nothing to come along and have a go. New players are very welcome to join us at our regular Wednesday evening practice sessions between 6pm and 8pm. If you decide to join, membership is per year £20 plus the council green fee (see About Us page for further details). We pay £3 to play in a home match to cover the hire of the green, and away matches are £2, but there is no pressure to rush into joining!
  • I don't know anyone involved with bowls. Will I be on my own?
    We are a small, relaxed club, and new bowlers are included right from the start, whether it be during practice, or in a game. Our weekend fixtures are triples matches, so you will always be playing with other club members and get to know us very quickly! Have a look at our Club Officers page - all of these friendly faces will be glad to answer your questions and help you settle in. Bowls is a very sociable sport, as you will soon find out!
  • I have bowled before. What does Grosvenor Bowls Club offer me?
    Grosvenor Bowls Club is affiliated to the Kent County Bowls Association and the Ladies' Kent County Bowls Association, so Grosvenor members are able to enter county competitions and national competitions. We have a team in the Tunbridge Wells League on a Thursday evening, which is open to everyone. We play friendly mixed triples matches against local clubs at the weekend, and occasionally on a Wednesday evening. Our regular practice night is a relaxed Wednesday evening 6pm-8pm, casual dress. There is something to suit every bowler, but most importantly we like to enjoy ourselves on and off the green!
  • Can I come and watch?
    Of course! There are plenty of benches around the green, so do come on in and say hello. Grosvenor players will be wearing mainly white shirts with flashes of claret and blue. We are always glad to see spectators who are there to enjoy the game and the atmosphere! We only ask that you do your best not to distract bowlers who are about to deliver a bowl (even if they are playing for the opposition!).
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