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The start of 2023 season!

6 May 2023 at 13:30:00

The start of 2023 season!

We began our 2023 season with an away match at Wadhurst Bowls Club, on the finest green in the area!  We were all keen to get back to bowling and so, with the co-operation of Wadhurst, we took 16 players over to make up three triples and a four (as opposed to the three triples agreed pre-season). It was a wonderful, sunny day with not even a breath of wind. Our opponents gave us a lovely welcome and a great game, and the Grosvenor came out on top, over all. What a start!

Our first practice night of the season was a slightly more chilly affair, with the sun dropping low at 6pm, but we still saw a big turnout of eager bowlers! Passers-by seemed to enjoy seeing us on the green again, and we invite anyone to come along and join us at our regular Wednesday evening practice from 6pm. If you see us on the green, come in and say hello!

(Our next fixture is an away game at Bidborough BC on Wednesday 10th May at 6pm, therefore there will be no organised practice at the Grosvenor green this week.)

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