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May update

2 May 2020 at 23:00:00

May update

A message from the Committee:


"As your committee, we have just reviewed the situation surrounding the current season start. Whilst fixtures in May have already been cancelled we looked at the prospect of starting in June.


The council have replied stating that they are following Government guidelines with ALL sports facilities being closed at present and they would inform us if there is any change.


The committee took the decision that we would cancel all matched due to be played in June and look again at the situation at the end of May as to where we might be for July fixtures.


I would like to say the contractors are still looking after the green and in general it is looking very good. They are cutting at least once a week whilst also trying to get rid of the moss. Its worth a look if you can include it in your daily exercise routine.


In these uncertain times please keep safe and here's looking forward to meeting on the green when we are allowed."

Members, please head to the members' area!

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