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Dave Jenner Trophy

2018 saw members of Grosvenor Bowls Club compete for a brand new trophy - the Dave Jenner Trophy. This was very kindly donated to the club by Carol Jenner in memory of her late husband, who was a very talented former Grosvenor Bowler. (See the Grosvenor history page for further details.)

Dave's brother and current Grosvenor player, Steve, did a great job organising the event and planning an exciting format for our bowlers:

First bowl = 4 points

Second bowl = 3 points

Third bowl = 2 points

Fourth bowl = 1 point

10 bowlers had a wonderful time playing for the inaugural trophy and enjoying a tea provided by Janet Jenner. 

Lionel Hanmore - Grosvenor's longest-serving member - was the winner, with Graham Bridges second, and new bowler Richard 'Bertie' Wooster third.

See below for photos from the day.

Steve had this to say:

"On behalf of my sister-in-law and family and myself, we would like to thank all of you that took part in the game on a very hot afternoon.
I tried to make it a bit different from the usual format we play in these games. It seemed to work out ok, hopefully you all enjoyed it.

Congratulations to Lionel for winning also Graham and Bertie for coming second and third.
Also a big thank you to Lionel for saying a few words about Dave as to most of you he was just another name on the honours board from years gone by.
Please all come back and play for the trophy next year.
Steve Jenner"

We look forward to it, Steve!

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