Trophy presentation 2018

Singles runner-up
Championship singles runner-up 2018, Steve Jenner
Singles winner
Championship singles winner 2018, Graham Bridges
Handicap runner-up
Handicap runner-up 2018, Steve Jenner
Handicap winner
Handicap winner 2018, Norman Barton
Jubilee runner-up
Jubilee for new bowlers runner-up 2018, Richard 'Bertie' Wooster
Jubilee winner
Jubilee for new bowlers winner 2018, Keith Waymont
Pairs runners-up
Pairs runners-up 2018, Steve Jenner & Bertie Wooster
Pairs winners
Pairs winners 2018, Jo Cartwright & Gary Tapp
Triples runners-up
Triples runners-up 2018, Gary Tapp, Jo Cartwright & Mike Smithers
Triples winners
Triples winners 2018, Connor Morgan, Stuart Moaby & Graham Bridges
Two wood runner-up
Two wood singles runner-up 2018, Graham Bridges
Two wood winner
Two wood singles winner 2018, Bertie Wooster
Playing Fields Cup
Chris Tapp awards the Playing Fields Cup for special contrubutions to Grosvenor Bowls Club
Playing Fields Cup winner
Richard 'Bertie' Wooster, winner of the Playing Fields Cup 2018, makes a speech
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