Use of green during COVID pandemic

  1.  You must not use the Green unless you have booked a time and rink  by email or phone and had it confirmed you have a rink to play on. All players must be named on the booking to allow tracking.

  2. Social distancing MUST be maintained at ALL times.

  3. Only ONE person is allowed in the changing area at a time, please arrive ready to bowl.

  4. Only one person in your game may touch the mat, one the jack and one the rink markers.

  5. Each game will have 2 mats and jacks, one at each end. The mat and jack will be placed at the length decided by the winner of the previous end. i.e. the jack will not be cast but placed. 

  6. You may only play on the rink and in the direction you are allocated. Alternate rinks will be used to allow social distancing i.e. 1-3-5 or 2-4-6.

  7. Scores must be kept on paper brought with you as NO scorecards are to be provided.

  8. No Scoreboards or addition marker are to be used.

  9. All bowls must only be touched by their owners and taken home after use. If there are members without personal bowls please speak to a committee member who will provide a set for the duration.

  10. There should be no measuring where more than one person is required to hold a measure.

  11. On completion of session the equipment should be cleaned ready for the next use. (Spray and hand gel will provided)

  12. Any waste materials (scorecards, wipes) must be taken home with you for discarding.

  13. If you use the toilet facilities, please use hand gel and the washing facilities in the toilet.

  14. For all other instances please use your common sense, if it feels wrong it probably is!!

Understand the rules and what is expected of you? Time to book a rink!