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Tunbridge Wells Tournament 6th-11th August

5 August 2018 at 23:00:00

Tunbridge Wells Tournament 6th-11th August

The Tunbridge Wells Bowls Tournament began today, starting with the singles competition. Grosvenor's Chris Tapp, Steve Jenner, and Lionel Hanmore all played at Culverden BC at 10am, but all unfortunately lost out to strong opposition. Graham Bridges played his first round match at The Grove BC at 11.30am, and managed to play his way through to the next round. Norman Barton was the last Grosvenor player to play, at Culverden, starting at 1pm. After a long, close game, Norman also makes his way into the second round. Congratulations, Norman and Graham!

Graham plays Tuesday 7th, 10am at Culverden.

Norman plays Tuesday 7th, 10am at The Grove.

The winners of the second round matches will go on to play the quarter finals later on Tuesday - 1.30pm at The Grove.

On Tuesday evening at 5.45pm, the triples competition will start, and both Grosvenor triples have been drawn to play at the Grove. Please come along to support, if you can!

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